3rd EBTSRA 2021: Third International Workshop on Emerging Blockchain Technology Solutions for

Real-world Applications (EBTSRA) (Organized in conjunction with IEEE TrustCom 2021)


Scopes and Topics

A Blockchain is a secured, shared and distributed ledger that facilitates the process of recording and tracking resources without the need of a centralized trusted authority. The technology is scalable and robust and all participant nodes provide resources in a fair manner, which alleviates many-to-one traffic flow bottlenecks. This technique decreases traffic delays and defeats errors due to a single point of failure. However, Blockchain is still a nascent technology and as such there are challenges for the wide adoption of Blockchain as a new enterprise and operational layer. These challenges are around scalability, interoperability, standards, privacy, security, governance and consensus mechanisms that need to be defined and validated for real-world applications. This workshop opens a forum to present the recent research work related to blockchain-based technologies, e.g. smart contracts, threat and attack models, and incentive mechanisms. Moreover, research on other aspects inherently present in blockchain-based applications, like the Internet of Things, smart grid, e-health, logistics, etc. are also invited in this workshop.

This workshop seeks original unpublished papers focusing on theoretical analysis, emerging applications, novel system architecture construction and design, experimental studies, and social impacts of blockchain. Both review/survey papers and technical papers are encouraged. Topic areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Blockchain in 5G technologies

  • Blockchain in IoT

  • Blockchain in information-centric networking

  • Blockchain in smart grid

  • Blockchain in artificial intelligence

  • Blockchain in networking and edge/fog/cloud technologies

  • Blockchain in e-health

  • Blockchain in decentralized financing and payments

  • Blockchain in social networking

  • Blockchain in agriculture

  • Blockchain in autonomous vehicles

  • Blockchain in mobile cellular networks

  • Blockchain standardization

  • Blockchain tools, simulators and test-bed

  • Private blockchain systems

  • Decentralized storage in blockchain

  • Security, privacy, and trust of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

  • Secure smart contracts

  • Consensus mechanisms

Workshop Organizers:

Dr. Takuro Sato, Professor, Waseda University, Japan, Email: t-sato@waseda.jp

Dr. Zhong Chen, Professor, Peking University, China, Email: chen@ss.pku.edu.cn

Dr. Chunming Rong, Professor, University of Stavanger, Norway, Email: chunming.rong@uis.no

Dr. Gautam Srivastava, A/Professor,Brandon University, Canada, Email: srivastavag@brandonu.ca

Dr. Keping Yu, A/Professor, Waseda University, Japan, Email: keping.yu@aoni.waseda.jp

Submission Guideline:

All papers need to be submitted electronically through the conference website (https://hpcn.exeter.ac.uk/EBTSRA2021/) with PDF format. Submitted papers must not substantially overlap with papers that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings. A submission is limited to 6 pages for workshop papers in the Computer Society Proceedings Format with Portable Document Format (.pdf). A submission can have at most 4 additional pages with the pages overlength charge if accepted. Papers must be clearly presented in English, including tables, figures, references and appendices. Papers will be selected based on their originality, significance, relevance, and clarity of presentation assessed by at least three reviewers. Submission of a paper should be regarded as a commitment that, should the paper be accepted, at least one of the authors will register and present the work, with either online or offline presentation. EBTSRA 2021 reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from the digital library and indexing services), if the paper is not presented at the conference. Accepted and presented papers will be submitted in the IEEE for indexing.

Important Dates:

Paper Submission: 10 May 2021       

Acceptance Notification: 10 June 2021       

Camera-Ready: 10 July 2021


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